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Food photography is the infusion of colour, composition and a well thought out execution of your
vision to create images that jump out of the photograph and cause your imagination to salivate.

Food photography needs to be approached like any other styled shoot; which is why we prefer to work
with a professional food stylist. Food styling is the art of arranging food so that it looks tasty and
fresh, and is often achieved by using vibrant, raw ingredients that lend a splash of colour to the

Dish presentation influences the quality of the image, which makes a food stylist an essential
component to excellent food photography and has the added benefit of cutting down on the time it
takes for post-production.

In order to provide you with studio quality images, we will need a well-lit area at your restaurant,
with access to natural light. Natural light is our preferred way of photographing, but if necessary, we
can utilize lighting to obtain the required level of illumination.

Whether you need a Food Photographer to redo your menu, shoot product shots or images for
advertising or billboards, Lateral Thinkers offers photographic solutions to all your marketing needs.

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